Startups fail
Average IT budget spent on correcting technical debt
Startups that run out of cash (runway)

Full Service Software Engineering

Don’t let your startup become a statistic. Our services will allow you to create high quality desktop, web and/or mobile applications using the same techniques that Fortune 500 companies use today. What’s more, our rates for entire teams are competitive compared to those you may find hiring just an individual freelancer. Our teams will be dedicated to your project for as long as you need them for maintenance and support. If you build your application incorrectly from the start, you risk wasting your hard-earned funding or capital on correcting development mistakes known as “technical debt”. Quality is built into our process, allowing us to provide you with full technical documentation, project management tools, automated test coverage, CI/CD pipelines and user acceptance testing for a flat rate every month. Maximize your chance of success by letting us focus on your technical and engineering needs so that you can focus on launching your business.

Standard Package Includes

Technical Specifications
DevOps Infrastructure
Minimum 80% Unit Test Coverage
Unlimited Product Design Changes